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Ledman Engages in Epidemic Prevention and Work Resumption, Promotes New Teleconferencing Growth

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  Huizhou Ledman is a large-scale industrial manufacturing and R & D base of 8k UHD Micro LED display products located in HZZK Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone of Dongjiang Technology Park. Entering their Micro LED high-definition display products workshop, you can see that automatic production equipment is running at full load, workers wearing masks operate skillfully, and the overall production is in good order. 


Micro LED Automated Production Workshop

Engage in the epidemic prevention and work resumption simultaneously, and create a humane park

  The reporters learned that in the face of the 2019-nCoV, Huizhou Ledman quickly set up an enterprise prevention & control team to lay out and formulate a strategic plan for enterprise prevention and control. Under the guidance of the government, we will refine detailed enterprise epidemic prevention grid, fully implement employee verification, gate control, isolation monitoring, health monitoring, material guarantee, sterilization and cleaning, implement various responsible departments and responsible personnel, and pay attention to every level of prevention and control. And adopt intelligent telecommuting, off-peak dining, interval dining and other ways to avoid group gathering, build a strong protective wall against the epidemic, lead enterprise employees to form a joint force, work together to overcome difficulties, and make enterprises safe and orderly. Resume work on time to resume production after the Spring Festival. At the same time, we take measures such as epidemic prevention knowledge training, material guarantee and psychological counseling for on-the-job employees, employees isolated for observation and employees who fail to return in time to carry out employee care, stabilize employee emotions, and allow workers to return to work safely. So far, the resumption rate of employees in the enterprise has reached over 90%, the production capacity has been fully restored, and all the production work is being carried out in an orderly manner.


People entering the technology park need a physical examination and blood oxygen test

  "At present, the company has relatively sufficient orders, especially the Ledman LEDHUB intelligent conference system integrates machine launched by the company at the end of 2019 has been highly recognized by customers at home and abroad." Fu Shiliang, deputy general manager of Ledman in Huizhou, said that the product is the Ledman LEDHUB intelligent conference system that Ledman Optoelectronics made its debut at the end of 2019. Compared with the traditional video conference system, the interactive screen of Ledman LEDHUB intelligent conference system adopts Micro LED UHD display screen based on COB technology, and mainly has a large screen of more than 100inch. The biggest advantage of Ledman LEDHUB smart conference system is the large UHD screen and handwritten screen, which can greatly improve the meeting efficiency and experience of customers.


Ledman LEDHUB Smart Conference System Products Delivery Test

Overcome Difficulties   Ledman LEDHUB Smart Conference System Helps Government and Enterprise Telecommuting

  In the global war against "COVID-19", medical experts remind that the best way to avoid infection is to go out less, avoid going to crowded places to reduce group contact. However, since the government and enterprises shall operate, group activities such as meetings cannot be avoided. In such case, the remote video conference system and the remote office collaboration system can play an important role. People can use the video conference system at home, office, hotel or even any place to meet or discuss issues, and do not need to come together to effectively reduce the chance of virus transmission

  It is acknowledged that under the background of COVID-19, many governments and enterprises have begun to attach importance to the application of the remote video collaboration platform. For example, according to the overall work deployment of epidemic prevention and control, Chenghua District, Chengdu, requires all the units to learn the video conference system and to carry out online office, telecommuting and smart services, so as to ensure that "epidemic prevention and stable urban development" and other work can be carried out in an efficient and orderly manner. 


  According to the introduction, Ledman LEDHUB wisdom conference system built-in Micro LED UHD display screen based on COB technology has the advantages of high protection, high reliability, high definition, excellent picture quality, low energy consumption and so on. The stereoscopic scene displays more realistic pictures and can transmit more detailed information than ordinary pictures. A large amount of complex data can be presented intuitively and can be visible on the same screen. It can be better used in social security monitoring, emergency command center system integration and data presentation, video command system, video conference and so on. The conference system can also realize rich and powerful functions such as writing on whiteboard, document management, video conference, wireless transmission screen and so on. It solves the inconveniences that the whiteboard or projection in the ordinary conference room is not clear, the connection is not clear, the whiteboard is inconvenient to write, and the remote operation cannot be performed. Create a new ecosystem of six-machine (projector, whiteboard, high-definition cinema, computer, video conferencing, mobile phone) multi-purpose intelligent conference. It can greatly improve the efficient and convenient experience of meetings, which is more suitable for remote video office conference system

  In addition, Ledman LEDHUB Smart Conference System with a built-in Android and Windows dual systems. It can realize multi-screen interaction, distributed collaboration, one-click saving and wireless sharing, multifunction, powerful performance and highly integrated. It can well assist users to efficiently complete on-site or telecommuting meeting communication and decision-making, and is suitable for remote video conference in emergency command center. During the critical time, the risk of centralized office worker can be reduced.

  With the arrival of the "5G + 8K" era, the UHD video industry has become the key development leading industry in our city, and helped Huizhou to become one of the three most important UHD video industry bases in our province. Some analysts believe that the epidemic will make more parties, government organs and enterprises realize the importance and convenience of telecommuting systems and help cultivate their use habits, and the telecommuting market is expected to grow rapidly in the next few years. Ledman Optoelectronics seized the opportunity to vigorously promote the development of the UHD video industry when the intelligent conference showed that it has an international leading edge in screen technology and systems, and is expected to fully benefit in the future as a strong competitor in the telecommuting conference market. Intelligent conference system is expected to develop into a new blue ocean market, and this business is expected to become Ledman Optoelectronics' future power point and growth point.


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Huizhou Newspaper All-Media Journalist Lin Lijuan, Yang Jinghe and Wei Yilan

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