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Ledman COB facilitates the Huangpu River Lighting Monitoring Center Pudong Sub-center

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  The lights are shining brightly on both banks of the Huangpu River, which presents the prosperity and historical accumulation of Shanghai. The neon lights and bow-like river constitute a picture that is slowly unfolding in front of the viewer ... At night, the lights are shining brightly as far as the eye can see and their shadows are everywhere, creating an amazing night scene.


  The Huangpu River Lighting Monitoring Center Pudong Sub-center, as the guardian behind this gorgeous light, is performing information visualization and continuous monitoring of the beautiful scenery of the banks by virtue of Ledman COB UHD display, and escorting the stable presentation of the lighting solution.

Ledman COB Monitoring Solution
Primary color display

  Ledman COB UHD display perfectly solves the problem of inconsistent pointwise brightness and chroma of LED pixels, eliminates mottles and mosaics during display, and the uniformity is more than 97%. Its wide color gamut meets the color temperature requirements of different display fields. It can restore the true colors and field display effects of the scene lights on the banks through the monitoring screen, realize the accurate transmission of the color of the lights, and create a pleasant night with dynamic and static scenes by using a variety of colors.

Independent video control

  This year, the lighting display solution of both banks of the Huangpu River is newly upgraded. Multiple display methods, including single building lighting, "grouping" lighting, and transitional lighting from different directions, pose quite a challenge to the "lamplighter" .

  Ledman COB display system supports single-screen, cross-screen, and full-screen display, and can realize arbitrary zooming, moving, roaming and other functions of the monitoring image window. A professional multimedia video controller is used for automatic collection, processing and play of video signals. An international professional video processing chip and a large-scale programmable logic chip are used, with strong video processing capabilities and multiple display control modes, processing signals from more than four video sources, presenting the functions of multi-screen superposition and multi-screen display on the monitoring display screen, and realizing independent lighting and overall monitoring display of various lights.

Super long standby time, stable and reliable

  The monitoring will not be interrupted as long as the lights are not extinguished. With super long standby time, Ledman COB UHD display can ensure 24-hour monitoring and display without interruption. Its "low brightness and high gray" display feature helps the "lamplighter" not to miss any light display details.

  Ledman COB display technology directly integrates the light-emitting chip and the PCB, greatly reducing solder joints and improving reliability. The rate of dead pixels is 1 / 10-1 / 20 of other small pitch screens. Meanwhile, it relies on the simultaneous heat dissipation of the PCB board and the cabinet to ensure the super long service life of the display screen. In addition, dual power supply, dual signal configuration, and the establishment of redundant backup can all improve system reliability.

Wide viewing angle, excellent look and feel

  With the original viewing angle technology, the horizontal and vertical field of view is nearly 170 degrees, the image display area is larger, and the beautiful view of the Pujiang River is present in all directions without dead angles. The original optical lens of Ledman COB display effectively relieves the graininess, the light transmitted by the ordinary SMD straight line is changed into regular divergent light through the optical lens, and the light is softer and the viewing angle is larger.

Nanosecond response speed

  Ledman COB UHD display adopts nanosecond display technology, reducing the frame change time of the LED display to a very short time, eliminating the phenomenon of smearing and ghosting superimposed when processing fast dynamic pictures, ensuring that the monitor sees the watch in real time the coherent and clear river scene monitoring screen, helping the monitor, the inspector and the emergency repair staff to find and solve loopholes as soon as possible, so as to perfectly present Shanghai night scene that is renowned at home and abroad to Chinese and foreign guests.
Source of pictures: the video Walking by the Huangpu River 

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